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Hello friends and people of Saltair,
If you are reading this, then you have signed on to the Sunny Saltair website. The spirit of Saltair, volunteers and imagination are at work.

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I have been asked to provide an update from the parks commission on the wonderful facilities we have in our back yards here in Area G. It is important to note that Saltair is neither Ladysmith nor Chemainus but a bedroom community to both. I like to think of our little community as the Stanley Park of the future metropolis that has become inevitable on the east coast of Vancouver island. It is a small and scenic very important area that we have been entrusted with. Our Mediterranean climate enables people to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty all year long and park management is ever diligent providing safe trail systems for all to explore. We rural yet urban, a place for all ages. The three main parks in our area are: the Stocking Creek Park, Centennial Park and the Diana Princess of Wales Wilderness Park. This year saw improvements to all these parks. The Stocking Creek Park had the student program add a new stair case to the Huckleberry trail. The Centennial Park has had upgrades to the washrooms now providing year round availability. Many years of work came to fruition this year at the Diana-Wilderness Park -with the addition of commemorate informative signage and benches. I am happy that this forum has been provided, to help sustain the Spirit of Saltair, providing up to date news and information. The Parks commission will endeavor to protect and manage for future generations our green spaces. Thank you Submitted by Tim Godau – Parks Commission Chairperson

Hiking trails

Come and explore our wilderness hiking trails in Stocking Creek and Diana, Princess of Wales Parks or visit Centennial Park which offers a multi-sport community setting.



Visit Saltair’s 4 different Beach Access points: Bazan Road Beach access • Skinner Road Beach Access • South Oyster School Road Beach Access • Cliffcoe Road Beach Access

Area G Parks Commission Minutes:   visit this website

Area G – Saltair/Gulf Island Parks
Visit their website for information and directions to Centennial Park,

Stocking Creek Park and Diana Princess of Wales Park.

Public Beach Access and activity information for Saltair :   visit this website





Play year-round Tennis at Centennial Park tennis courts

Enjoy playing tennis year-round due to mild climate in Saltair


Centennial Park Playground

Bring your children to out to enjoy the Centennial Park Playground area


Ball Hockey or Basket ball, Take your pick! Centennial park boasts two fully enclosed courts with appropriate nets.


Two Baseball diamonds with dugouts and picnic tables

Palm tree Centennial Park

Community covered picnic space




Features Beautiful trails and a picnic area make Stocking Creek Park the perfect place for a nature walk.

There are many km of trails meandering through the rainforest that lead to the creek and to the falls.

Park Size:  14.87 ha  Amenities:  Picnic area Trails Parking on Finch Place and Thicke Road.

How to Get There East off the Trans-Canada Highway onto Chemainus Road.

There are two entrances to the park. One is off Thicke Road and one is west off

Gait Road then right on to Finch Place. Parking at the end of Finch on the road.

To view a map of Stocking Creek Park click here



Princess Diana Wildernes Park

Features Diana Princess of Wales Park, located in sunny Saltair (Electoral Area G),

has an easy walking trail that leads you through beautiful natural landscapes

from Olsen Road to Rocky Beach Drive. Park Size: 12.12 ha  Amenities:  Trail

How to Get There East off Trans-Canada Highway onto Chemainus Rd.

Left onto Olsen Rd. Note: On right hand side.
To view a map of Diana, Princess of Wales Park click here





The Cowichan Valley Trail also runs parallel with Stocking Park offering a connection south to Chemainus and North to The Town of Ladysmith. Finch Place street in Saltair  offers access to the Cowichan Valley Trail.









Phase one of “Saltair” quilt for the Canada 150 Anniversary

A local quilting group that meet every Tuesday at the Saltair Community Centre are busying creating a large quilt representing “Saltair” for Canada’s 150th celebration. President of the Quilting Club: Christa Stegemann commented, “The panels on the design wall are a combined effort of several quilters.  Some of our more creative quilters thoroughly enjoyed creating the scenes from some of the better known sites in Saltair.  A few quilters made some of the more traditional squares.  We still have a number of outstanding panels and hope to have them in our next update.  Our design wall is presently a temporary, free-standing wall that I covered in white flannelette.  Eventually it will be fastened to the existing wall.  The wall panels are 8′ by 8′ and will be filled with scenes.  Then there will be a one foot border all the way around, making the whole quilt come to 10′ by 10′.”  Check back for further updates.

Quilting ladies hard at work!


Submitted: 23 Dec 2016 by the Saltair Water Advisory
 The CVRD Board on the 9 Nov 2016 passed a motion to authorize a grant application for the Vancouver Island Health mandated Area G – Saltair Water System – Filtration System under the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant (NCWWF) .The CVRD has applied for $5.09M


The Saltair Water System draws water from Stocking Lake, an open water source. Vancouver Island Health has mandated the Saltair Water system implement a water filtration system to meet the Vancouver Island Health’s 4-3-2-1 standard for safe drinking water requirements for open water source users. CVRD Cost Projection: CVRD Estimated Project Cost $5,090,000 NCWWF Contribution $4,224,700 ( Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Fund) Area G – Saltair’s required Contribution $865,300 (17% Local share – Saltair) If the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant is received for the Saltair Water System Filtration System Upgrades, Area G – Saltair will be required to cover the 17 % local share of the project and all ineligible costs. These amounts will be on top of the extra taxation Saltair taxpayers are currently paying for the $4.5M/15 year ageing infrastructure upgrades. There are many communities vying for this new grant funding. The CVRD Board has placed a high priority for Saltair for this project within the CVRD. The Saltair Water Advisory Committee thanks the CVRD Water Management staff for all their dedicated work to bring this application to the CVRD Board for approval to apply for this grant. The awarding of the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant awards will most likely be announced in 2017. The Saltair Water System users and Saltair taxpayers will be looking forward to this announcement. The Saltair Water Advisory Committee and the CVRD staff will be meeting with the CVRD Area G – Saltair community in 2017. Saltair Water Advisory Committee



LEST WE FORGET John Silins places sponsored wreaths, on behalf of Saltair District Ratepayers Association, that were laid at the Ladysmith and Chemainus Cenotaphs, respectively.

REMEMBRANCE DAY November 11, 2016


It was overcast this Remembrance Day in Chemainus and Ladysmith but fortunately no rain for the several hundred who attended the ceremonies in Chemainus. Over the last 10 years the crowds have increased substantially. During the Ceremony there was a fly past of vintage aircraft. This added more poignancy to the Ceremony.

More Remembrance Here

The parade had members from RCMP, the Legion, Service Clubs, Chemainus Fire Brigade, Paramedics, youth organizations, Air Cadets and, of course, Veterans from various conflicts. Air Cadets provided the honour guard. Many wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph in Chemainus as at the one in Ladysmith. Each person laying a wreath was escorted, by hand, by young people. Debbie Neil and John Silins sponsored wreaths, on behalf of Saltair District Ratepayers Association, that were laid at the Ladysmith and Chemainus Cenotaphs, respectively. Mel Dorey also laid the wreath at the Chemainus Cenotaph on behalf of Area G, Cowichan Valley Regional District. The members of United Church, across Willow Street from the Cenotaph, served coffee after the Ceremony. All in all it was a dignified Ceremony befitting the memory of those that who paid the highest price in the service of Canada. Submitted by: John Silins – SDRA Content goes here

‘Photos provided by Chris, Chemainus
Neighbourhood House Association’


Remembering those who died in service to their country.



Example photo of the Comox Valley Regional District’s Biosolids Composting Facility which uses five enclosed, aerated bays in the initial phase of treating the area’s wastewater plant solid residuals.

Please click on the highlighted text to read “Town of Ladysmith” response to  questions submitted by Penny Mear, David Nikula and Mel Dorey regarding the compost/biosolid facility plans to build at 4142 Thicke Road.

2017.02.06 ltr DOREY fr GF answers to biosolids questions (1)

For further information check out the Town of Ladysmith link






New thefts have been reported on South Oyster School Road in Saltair-  tools, chainsaw, gas siphoned, coins and items from inside vehicles have been taken.  Break-in and thefts continue to be rampant in our neighbouring community of Chemainus as well. Past history has shown the pattern of the thieves are transient. Please keep a vigilant watch on your property and surrounding neighbours.  Remember to secure  your valuables, lock your windows, front and back doors of your home. Take photos or jot down description of any suspicious vehicles/people and report to RCMP!




There are a number of things that residents can do to discourage thieves:
1. Be on watch for any suspicious activity and report it to the RCMP at 250 245 2215. This may be, noticing a vehicle moving slowly and occupants staring intently at open garages, etc. Notate the description ie: colour, make, and license plate number of vehicle, occupants and if possible take  photos!  Be cautious of people coming to your door claiming to be lost or using the pretense of answering an ad about a car or RV for sale.

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2. If you witness a break in or burglary in progress, call 911, immediately. 3. Know your immediate neighbors, exchange telephone numbers, exchange information about extended absences and arrangements about property monitoring. 4. Report any property loss no matter how insignificant you think it is. RCMP find this sort of information important to establish patterns that may lead to identity / apprehension of perpetrators. 5. Mark your property items with your B. C. driver’s license number. This will help in apprehension of those having unauthorized possession of the items and the return of the items. 6. Get together with your neighbours and organize a neighborhood program such as COPS or Neighborhood Watch. The RCMP will assist organizing one. 7. Install motion lights and if possible closed circuit cameras. If you are contemplating a video system it is best to consult an expert on the type, installation and location. The sudden appearance of light may well scare an intruder away. Pictures of the intruder will help apprehension. 8. Always lock your vehicle and do not leave items of value in view when leaving your vehicle unattended. Take your vehicle insurance and registration documents with you if you are leaving your vehicle in a public place for an extended period of time. Thieves breaking into your vehicle will conclude that you are not home and use the documents to identify your residence. Your residence may become a prime target. 9. Place easily moved items such as tools, lawnmowers, chainsaws, wheel barrows, etc. in a secure location – locked shed, closed garage, etc. 10. Keep doors and accessible windows closed and locked at night. For obvious reasons keep ladders in a secure place. 11. Collect your mail on a regular basis. Do not leave mail overnight. Do these things and you will reduce the risk of property theft for yourself and your neighbours




Cowichan Valley Trail (Trans Canada Trail)



Over the summer you may have noticed volunteers  counting bicycles/pedestrians and vehicle traffic along Chemainus Road.

The data was required by the CVRD to be included in grant applications for funding to complete Saltair’s section of the Cowichan Valley trail.

Currently, CVRD Board of Directors approval was given to submit an application to the BC Rural Dividend Program for a $500,000 grant to complete the Saltair section of the Cowichan Valley Trail. The total project cost of $1.21 million will be supplemented with an allocation of $225,000 from the CVRD Community Works Fund and allocations from the Regional Parks function over a three year period.   Keep checking here for further updates.