Beach Season has Arrived

Sunny weather and Beach Season has arrived in Saltair!

Beautiful sea shells at Saltair Beach/Boulder Point

Check Tide Schedule for exact times to enjoy the sandy beach.

Tidepooling is a great way to explore the outdoors and learn about nature. The gorgeous sea anemones, abundant mussels and luscious algae are great teachers of ecological relations in the sea (and can turn into beautiful pictures for Facebook). However, tidepooling can have a negative impact on the organisms that live there. Even though tidepool organisms are incredibly strong, they are still sensitive to human activity — you can kill several organisms in a single trip!

Come to look at the all the tiny sea creatures

Tips To Reduce Your Impact:

– Take only pictures.
– Don’t destroy or damage the landscapes
– Watch your step; avoid stepping on delicate marine life or    dislodging animals. Trampling is one of the biggest damages of tidepooling; it can potentially change the pool community.
– Take your trash with you. Bring a bag and keep this place beautiful for everyone.

Sand Dollars at Saltair Beach. Note: the dark purple sand dollars are alive please do not remove them from the tidal pools and be careful where you step. These creatures are very fragile.

Boulder Point /Big Rock Beach at the end of S.Oyster School Rd. has a sandy beach at low tide and tidal pools to explore.

Boulder Point/Big Rock Beach Access end of South Oyster School Rd
Low Tide

Don’t forget the beach essentials:   a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, sunglasses and bring a camera to capture photos of sea life.



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