Saltair Coastline Sees Increase in Freighter Anchorage – Meeting Planned for Concerned Citizens

There are so many freighters anchored in our coastal waters, it is frightening for our environment and peaceful enjoyment of natural beauty of our islands and coast. There is no doubt this is the impact of the new protocol for anchorages. See the high density all over Saltair, Thetis, Penelakut, Valdes Island. There are more than 15 freighters in the area. Looks like Vancouver port Authority is happy to push more and more freighters to us under the new protocol. This map should be a shock and waking call to all of us….

Call for a Meeting of concerned citizens:   Saturday March 10 at 2pm  in Room #17 at Saltair Community Center – Due the new interim protocol for the use of Southern BC anchorages, we currently have 6 international freighters that were re-routed to our area and currently impacting negatively the Saltair coastal area.

Our area has 6 anchorages that were initially created at a time where freighters were 3 to 5 times smaller. The new generation of ships is way bigger. Their generator and lights is a terrible nuisance. We have to fight to decrease the number of freighters in our area to a level that we can live with. We have to make our voice heard over this freighters issue.

A big thank you to the residents who have taken the time to express their concern and distress: sleep disturbance with excessive sound and lights, scenic views destroyed, risk of ecological wasteland, disturbance to wildlife and resident whales, etc.

In this photo you can see how the lights and noise from the ships can affect homes on and near the waterfront. Photo submitted by Doug Blackley

The next step is to get organized. Please confirm your intention to come to the meeting be sending an email at:

saltair [dot] anchorage [at] gmail [dot] com – Kahina Morisset

It is very important that I know who plans to come so I can prepare things to help as an organizer. I need your support. The meeting will be one hour and the agenda is to find a name for our group and decide how we can fight for things to change. There are several options that I will explain so we can decide together the best course of action. I know it is hard for all of us to find the time and the energy to do this but if we do nothing, the future of Saltair coastal area is compromised for certain.

People from Cowichan Bay, Gabriola, Thetis, and Salt Springs have been fighting, and now it is our turn if we do not want to become an industrial port annex.

“Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is assigning these ships. “As the national review gets underway, and as an interim measure to ensure that no one anchorage is overused, Transport Canada has asked the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to manage the assignment of anchorage locations along the south coast of B.C. This a change from existing practice, where anchorages are selected by Masters of vessels in consultation with a coast pilot, without considering equitable rotation.”


Submitted by Saltair resident:      Kahina Morisset

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