You are Invited to Chat with Lia Versaevel Next Meeting August 16th

A few months ago, a dozen or so highly engaged people approached me with an invitation to represent Area G at the CVRD. I had run last year as an MLA Candidate and had about 25% of the votes at the final tally. I ran, with my excellent team, a clean and honest campaign. I represented an enormous geographic space, from Herd Road near Duncan to VIU in Nanaimo.

Now a smaller geographic area is asking for my voice at the table to represent Thetis, Penelakut, Valdez and a dozen Gulf Islands, as well as Saltair, with people passionate about their community, devoted to preserving the ecosystems, the very fiber of their neighborhoods, and making the best conditions possible for human and all life! I am also passionate about these values, and am excited to work for Area G at the CVRD.

Please come to the chat nights at the Saltair Community Center and discover how I will be an advocate for YOU! Visit my website, my Tweets, my Facebook posts, or meet me at a beach. I’m here for you. 

Next Chat Nite is August 16th, Saltair Community Centre, 7:00 pm

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Lia Versaevel, August 10th, 2018



Greetings Area G Community

I couldn’t help but feel a wee bit nervous and excited to have over 40 Saltair folks attend my Meet and Greet held Monday, June 25th.  It was absolutely wonderful to see familiar faces as well as new ones!

First Chat Nite with Lia

Good questions were presented by the audience which confirms Saltair is ready for a change in leadership.  This further motivates me to delve deeper into concerns and feedback brought forward by residents. I will be hosting a series of meetings throughout the summer to chat, discuss and listen to issues regarding Area G .

Lets keep the momentum going and bring your ideas and thoughts to help build Area G into a stronger healthy community.

Our next meeting is August 2nd at 7:00 pm  Saltair Centre.  See poster for upcoming Chat meetings!

Lia Versaevel

Road to Election 2018
Taking your voice to the CVRD


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