Saltair Ocean Protection Update

I am glad to inform you that  Saltair has received an apology from G2Ocean, the ship agent of the STAR GRAN that was recently anchored in our coastal waters and seen dumping.
The Saltair Ocean Protection Committee has taken this opportunity to inform the ship agent about the petition our MP has tabled at the Canadian Parliament.

The change initiated by the Interim Protocol in recent usage by very large commercial international freighters of the historical anchorages labelled Ladysmith C, Ladysmith D, Ladysmith E are a huge nuisance for Saltair because they are in too close proximity to residential and recreational environment as well as coastal wildlife including protected Blue Heron nesting habitats.

See our post in G2Ocean Facebook page for the live conversation:

and screenshot attached here

Saltair Ocean Protection Committee

Solid Waste Management Open House

You are invited to attend a  CVRD hosted Open House on Solid Waste Management at Saltair Community Centre


Where:    3850 South Oyster School Rd Saltair Community Centre

When:      September 12th, 2018 –  12:00 am to 3:00 pm Room 17

The CVRD is updating the Solid Waste Management Plan. The Plan contains important information on waste disposal and reduction, and provides a long-term vision for managing waste in our region. The Plan was last updated in 2006, and is due for amendment to ensure that it continues to reflect regional solid waste management goals and objectives.

The CVRD is seeking public input on a new draft Solid Waste Management Plan. The Plan will guide the region’s municipal waste management over the next ten years.

Public Consultation

Input from residents is critical to developing effective strategies for managing waste. Join us to learn more about the state of waste management in the region, and share your thoughts on how we can improve.

The Plan will guide the region’s municipal waste management over the next ten years. Attend an open house to provide input to the regional vision for waste management, learn about proposed waste management strategies, and comment on waste reduction targets and goals.

Your feedback will help the Plan Advisory Committee and Elected Officials make decisions about setting waste management goals and strategies for the next ten years.

If you cannot attend in person you can connect with PlaceSpeak  to join the conversation. click the green highlighted text to access PlaceSpeak

For further information contact: CVRD website

Call the Recycling Hotline at 250.746.2540 or visit to learn more about recycling in the Cowichan region.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Adair Solid Waste Operations Superintendent, Recycling

and Waste Management 250.746.2676 jadair [at] cvrd [dot] bc [dot] ca


Lynne Smith Candidacy Annoucement


I am pleased to announce long-time Saltair resident and taxpayer, Lynne Smith, has agreed to run as our local candidate for Area G Director.  For months now, many Saltairians have asked Lynne to run.  Today, she has announced her candidacy.
For years, Lynne has been an Area G advocate and volunteer.  She has been involved with local taxation, water, parks, zoning, housing, grant and environmental issues.  Lynne has been a volunteer with respect to education, youth programs, arts promotion and recycling; you may know her best as Chair of the Saltair Water Advisory Committee.  Lynne has worked with CVRD directors and staff, community groups and other volunteers.  When she becomes our director, Lynne will use her years of local experience and knowledge to work in the best interests of all Area G residents and taxpayers.
Lynne believes in open communication, transparency and that politicians have a duty to serve.  She is committed to staying in touch with and consulting the communities she represents and prudent taxation.  After Lynne is elected, we can rest assured that she will hold regular community meetings and will use every available tool to ascertain our democratic will and important issues.
During this campaign, Lynne Smith will reach-out to Saltair and Thetis Island.  She will hold campaign meetings and attend as many gatherings as possible.  She needs our support and we need her representation.  Stay tuned for more information and select this link to view Lynne-Smiths-Election-Brochure.  

Select this link to see Lynne Smith’s Candidacy Announcement Lynne-Smiths-Candidacy-Announcement

Submitted by: Gord Van Dyck



Drought Level 4 Extremely Dry

Current Drought Level 4 – Extremely Dry

Our area is experiencing extremely dry level 4 drought conditions.

Drought Level is measured on a four-point scale describing the seriousness and appropriate response to drought conditions.

Level Conditions Significance Objective Target


Extremely Dry Conditions Water supply insufficient to meet socio-economic and ecosystem needs Voluntary conservation, restrictions and regulatory response Maximum reduction


At Level 4 there is the potential for a further decline in stream, lake and aquifer levels; which could result in water shortages and impact industries, wildlife, fish stocks and residents. Danger of wildfires is extreme.

In response to the current conditions, the province has declared Level 4 drought conditions for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, and also taken the extra step of suspending fishing in the area.

Residents are requested to  conserve in their water consumption.



Curbside Recycling Tote Contamination

August 14, 2018

CVRD logo

Curbside recycling tote audits now being conducted in the Cowichan region

 Duncan, BC – The Cowichan Valley Regional District is cracking down on curbside recycling contamination – the items that should not be placed in curbside recycling totes. Plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, and other non-curbside recyclables add unnecessary costs to the service when placed by the road. Much worse are items like broken glass, used diapers and lighters, all of which have been found in curbside recycling totes and pose health and safety hazards for CVRD staff. To reduce contamination levels and help educate residents on which items need to be brought to regional Recycling Centres, CVRD staff will be conducting curbside recycling audits in certain areas of the Cowichan region through the month of August.

CVRD Director’s Jon Lefebure, Ian Morrison, Mel Dorey and Lori Iannidinardo

“With four CVRD Recycling Centres strategically located across the Cowichan region, there is ample opportunity for residents to recycle non-curbside items at their respective drop-off depots,” said Jon Lefebure, Chair of CVRD. “When banned items are placed in curbside recycling totes, it can result in entire loads of recyclables going to landfill as well as the region facing financial penalties, making recycling more expensive for everyone.”

The CVRD curbside recycling program is funded by participating in Recycle BC’s curbside recycling program. Part of the conditions of the program is for the CVRD to maintain a 3% or lower rate of unaccepted material. Currently the region has one of the highest contamination rates in the Province at 15%, which means the CVRD could face steep financial penalties from Recycle BC going forward.

“The most effective way to reduce curbside contamination is through the tote auditing process,” said Jason Adair, Superintendent of Recycling and Waste Management Operations at CVRD. “We hope residents who are unsure will visit our website or call us to learn more about which items are acceptable in their curbside totes. However if our staff continue to find items that are not recyclable in curbside totes, we will be forced to stop picking up recycling from those homes.”

Staff will be checking the contents of curbside recycling totes for contaminants and leaving an

“Oops” sticker indicating which items are not curbside recyclable. The stickers will direct residents to the Recycling Hotline and CVRD website which provide valuable resources for learning how and where to recycle items. If curbside recycling totes are overly contaminated, staff may not collect the tote material and will leave a sticker specifying why the tote was not emptied.

Call the Recycling Hotline at 250.746.2540 or visit to learn more about recycling in the Cowichan region. Or  click this highlighted link to view a graphic chart of recycling requirements

For more information, please contact:

 Jason Adair Solid Waste Operations Superintendent, Recycling

and Waste Management 250.746.2676 jadair [at] cvrd [dot] bc [dot] ca

Lia Versaevel Candidate for Area G/Gulf Islands Director


A few months ago, a dozen or so highly engaged people approached me with an invitation to represent Area G at the CVRD. I had run last year as an MLA Candidate and had about 25% of the votes at the final tally. I ran, with my excellent team, a clean and honest campaign. I represented an enormous geographic space, from Herd Road near Duncan to VIU in Nanaimo.

Now a smaller geographic area is asking for my voice at the table to represent Area G/Saltair, Thetis, Penelakut, Valdez and a dozen Gulf Islands,  with people passionate about their community, devoted to preserving the ecosystems, the very fiber of their neighborhoods, and making the best conditions possible for human and all life! I am also passionate about these values, and am excited to work for Area G at the CVRD.

Please come to the chat nights at the Saltair Community Center and discover how I will be an advocate for YOU! Visit my website, my Tweets, my Facebook posts, or meet me at a beach. I’m here for you. 

Next Chat Nite is August 16th, Saltair Community Centre, 7:00 pm

Click here to Check out my Facebook page

Click to go to my Offical Website

Lia Versaevel, August 10th, 2018

Water Restrictions – Stage 3

Stage 3 Water Restrictions are in effect August 10th, 2018

Stage 3 Water Restrictions are in effect for Town Ladysmith, Diamond Improvement District, Stz’uminus First Nation and the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

This is a proactive measure to ensure that there is plenty of water available to fight a wildfire given the extended hot, dry weather and the extreme fire danger in our area.

There is complete ban on sprinkling

  1. Hand Watering of  Trees, Shrubs and Gardens *Use hose with spring-loaded nozzle, watering pail or bucket – Hand water from 7-9am or 7-9pm Maximum 2 hours per day.

2. Micro or Drip Irrigation *Exceptions: using less than 20 gallons     per hour at less than 25psi. This does not include soaker or weeper hoses – Any time – maximum 4 hours per day

3.  Filling Pools and Hot Tubs *Exceptions: pools filled prior to Stage 3 may be topped up to account for evaporation losses in order to avoid damage  to pumps, etc – NOT PERMITTED

4.  Washing Vehicles, Houses, Boats, RV’s or Trailers – NOT PERMITTED.

5.  Washing Driveways &  Sidewalks *Exceptions: Only permitted  for preparation of applying paints/ preservatives or for pouring concrete – NOT PERMITTED

Click on highlight text for a Stage 3 Water Restriction Chart 2018-08-10-stage-3-waterrestriction-all-logos

Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project – CVRD Board of Directors Approve Grant Application


Submitted by: Lynne Smith, Chair

9 Aug 2018

Current Grant Application

On August 1st, I attended the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) meeting. I also met with the CVRD Water Manager, Brian Dennison, to review, the current grant application for filtration, Saltair’s water options, our Saltair Water Distribution Upgrades for 2018 and plans for the CVRD staff to hold a meeting with the Saltair community. The video link for this meeting can be found at

On August 8th, I attended the CVRD Board meeting and the CVRD Board Directors passed the motion for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project – Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality Sub-steam application for grant funding.

During the Public Input portion of the EASC meeting (at 14:47 – 15:37), I spoke briefly in support of the grant application. In the video, CVRD Water Manager Brian Dennison talks about the grant (at 2:12 – 2:17). The EASC Directors voted to approve the motion (at 2:30:14 – 2:32). The EASC approval moved to the August 8th CVRD Board for its approval. (That approval was granted at the 8 Aug CVRD Board meeting.)

The motion was, “That an application for grant funding through the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality Sub-stream for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project (Electoral Area G) in the amount $6,030,000 be submitted and that subject to grant approval up to a maximum of $1,608,201 (26.67%) in short term borrowing for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project be approved and that the loan be paid back over five years under the Liabilities Under Agreements Section 175 of the Community Charter.” The $6,030,000 includes a power generating station as part of the project.

As above, the grant application requires $1,608,201 of local funding. In the video, Brian Dennison describes the five- year, short-term loan option. The CVRD is suggesting the Saltair Water System can meet its local funding requirement using such a loan. Once the application has been submitted, CVRD staff will be meeting with the Saltair community to review the option of a short-term loan or taxation increase. CVRD staff will present information about the groundwater option, joining the Town of Ladysmith filtration system and other financial options for a stand-alone, Saltair filtration system (i.e., 10-year, 15-year or 20-year loans). However, coming to the community for a long-term loan at this time would take approximately six months and we would miss out on applying for the grant.

Saltair’s Water Options

In the video, Brian Dennison describes three options for Saltair water:

1) Join the Town of Ladysmith filtration system, which would involve costs to Saltair taxpayers/users approx equal to the cost of a stand-alone, Saltair filtration system.

2) Groundwater, which the CVRD is currently exploring.

3) A stand-alone filtration system.

Brian said CVRD staff will be coming to the Saltair community in the fall (Oct) to review these three options once they have data from the groundwater exploration.

Saltair’s Water Distribution Upgrades

When I met with Brian, he said many of theCVRD projects are coming in at a higher than expected cost. Because of this, the CVRD has revised its 2018 expectations. The bids will be posted shortly. The revised expectation is that the work on Chemainus Road between the PRV Station and Olsen Road will be completed and the work on Chemainus Road between Olsen Road and Southin Road and the work on Southin Road will be optional.

$258,364 of our Area G Gas Tax funds have been allocated to upgrading work on Old Victoria Road. The work will start at the North Cowichan Boundary to deal with a two-inch, 60 metre stretch. Then work will progress towards Jackman Rd. CVRD staff advise that Old Victoria work will have to be done in phases due to higher costs.

Fire Fighting Concerns

When the Chemainus Fire Department and/or the Ladysmith Fire Department attend fires in Saltair, they bring and use pumper trucks. It does not matter where you live in Saltair. The Fire Departments use pumper trucks to fight the fires. Concerns about water pressure for fighting fires is not an issue with the use of pumper trucks. The same is true for Crofton.

Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

Wild Fires – Local News

Wild fire burning at Nanaimo Lakes.  The wildfire is located in the Nanaimo Lakes area near Nanaimo River Road. The lakes are around 30 kilometres southwest of the City of Nanaimo.  Air tankers were brought in Monday to assist with the fire, in addition to the 36 personnel and two pieces of heavy machinery fighting on ground and five helicopters fighting in the air.

The Regional District of Nanaimo has declared a local state of emergency due to the 107-hectare Nanaimo Lakes wildfire

The district said the fire can potentially threaten the life and property and people in the area. Everyone in the evacuation area has been told to leave. RCMP are in the area and are enforcing the order.

The evacuation alert is for 77 properties east of the fire. It includes the following areas:

Elk Trails Way from 2515-2630
Nanaimo River Road from 1565-2665
South Forks Road from 2375-2710

We’re getting a lot of questions right now about the smoky conditions that are visible in many areas of BC.

Due to the large number of wildfires currently burning across BC, smoke can be coming from any number of these fires. Smoke can travel hundreds of kilometres from its original source.

Due to changing wind directions and the sheer number of fires, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where this smoke is coming from.

For information on smoke advisories in your area, please visit…/con…/environment/air-land-water/air

If you’d like to track smoke patterns and forecast, you can consult:…/viewer/…/ops/BSC-CA-01/current/

For an overview of where current wildfires in BC are located, please visit:…/MapSer…/index.html…



BC Wildfire Service

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