The Saltair Ocean Protection Committee (SOPC)

The Saltair Ocean Protection Committee (SOPC) is now up and running.

February and March 2018 have seen an unprecedented number of freighters anchored in the Gulf Islands and close to our shores. This is due to an ‘Interim Protocol’ initiated by Transport Canada, having the mission to distribute anchorages in new ways throughout the Southern Gulf Islands area. A group of concerned Saltair residents has formed a committee to collect information about the impact these anchored freighters have to our coastal waters, wildlife habitats, and Saltair rural character.

Our goal is to provide accurate information to our community and advocate for the protection of Stuart Channel waters close to our shore. Our voice will join other residents in the Gulf Islands who have formed advocacy groups. Since 2010, Thetis Island, Cowichan Bay, Gabriola Island, and Pender Island have been advocating to pressure the Federal government to improve the management of anchorages and reduce the presence of commercial freighters in our sensitive ecosystems.

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