Regional Recreation Update

Please read below a summary of results  gleaned from the Special CVRD Board Meeting held on April 27th, 2018.

All proposed  Regional Recreation options were presented by RC Strategies consultant.

A long question and public input period ensued that lasted until 1:30 pm.    Kahina Morisset and Lynne Smith spoke and advocated for Area G Saltair during the public Input session.   Directors of the Board were unable to  reach a consensus.

After a short lunch break the meeting reconvened and a resolution was reached.  The Regional Recreation Select Committee was dissolved and Regional Recreation was removed as a referendum item from the October 20th Election Ballot.

CVRD staff will prepare a report for the board –  ” Framework for a Sub-Regional Services Committee structure”.

CVRD will divide  areas into 4 sub-regions, North,  South, West and Central.

Saltair (Area G) will be part of the “North” committee and will be negotiating a new funding formula in support of Frank Jameson Centre  with Area H – Director Mary Marcotte and Ladysmith – Mayor Aaron Stone.  Saltair  presently pays $40,000 towards FJCC , but  will  definitely be seeing an increase that could be phased in over several years.

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