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Stage 2 Water Restrictions in Effect

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Saltair Watering Restrictions – Stage 2 in effect Jul 10, 2017
If you are not familiar with these restrictions please click on the following link to make sure you have up to date CVRD regulations
 Posted 6 Jun 2017  by Saltair Water Advisory Committee

Saltair Watermain Distribution Upgrade 2017 Update

The Saltair Water System Distribution Upgrade along South Oyster School Road from Bazan Rd to Seavista Rd. Construction work is anticipated to start the week of Jun 19, 2017.  The winning bid went to David Stalker Excavating Ltd. The work will consist of replacing all service connections to the property line of individual water connections, as well as increasing the size of the watermain from 4″ to 6″.

Traffic control will be onsite and disruption to the traffic flow will be minimal.
As there have been two large watermain breaks on South Oyster School Rd and these breaks have caused massive damage to private properties in the area. These upgrades will be a much needed upgrade to the Saltair Water System aging infrastructure.
Saltair Water Advisory Committee
CVRD Open House at the Saltair Water Treatment Facility  13 May 2017
CVRD staff at the Saltair Water Treatment Station
Posted: 13 May 2017 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com
Photos by: Lynne Smith
The CVRD Water Dept staff hosted a very informative Open House at the Saltair Water Treatment Facility on the 13 May 2017 from 10-1pm.
While I was at the Open House the staff indicated that the Open House was well attended. There was coffee, tea, and those amazing muffins & scones from the Ladysmith Old Town Bakery.
There were tours of the facility with lots of great photos of the work that has been done on the Saltair Water Distribution System over the past years and the upgrades of the New Reservoir that was built in 2014. Brian Dennison the CVRD Water Dept Mgr posed for a picture in front of the reservoir to indicate how large it is.
The amazing part is that as large as the reservoir is it only stores enough water to supply Saltair users for one day. Inside the plant there was a chance for people to see the UV device that is used and how the chlorine is added to our water.
Looking inside one is amazed at all the pipes and other equipment to monitor the treatment systems on site.
It was a great day to find out more about the Saltair Water System Treatment Plant.
The Saltair Water Advisory Committee thanks to the CVRD staff for taking the time to come and host a great Open House here in Saltair.
Posted: 13 May 2017 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com
Photos by: Lynne Smith
Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

Posted : 28 Apr 2017 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee
 Saltair Water System – Stage 1 Water Restrictions 1 May – 31 Oct 2017

Saltair Water Advisory Committee Update

Submitted: 31 March 2017

The CVRD Engineering Dept has advised us of the following 2017 Distribution Upgrade Projects.
“The proposed works for 2017 are: replacing the watermain on South Oyster School road from Seavista to Bazan, upgrading the watermain on Chemoy and extending the main down from the easement to connect into Chemoy road.  If the budget allows we will also replace the watermain on Dogwood road but this will remain as optional until the other two sections are completed.”
The Saltair Water Advisory Committee will be holding a Saltair Community Water Meeting in Apr or early May. A meeting dedicated to Saltair Water only. Some of the topics will be: upgrades, costs of upgrades, grants, gas tax funds, CVRD Utility Review and filtration. Please keep an eye out at your mailbox for a blue poster with further details on the meeting date, time and location. We look forward to bringing the Saltair Community residents up to date on our past years investigations and the Saltair Water System.
Saltair Water Advisory Committee
A volunteer group of Saltair residents working for the Saltair Community.

Stocking Creek Watershed

Working together to protect our water!

Submitted: 16 February, 2017 – Saltair Water Advisory Committee – saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

CVRD Water and Wastewater Utility Review – Final Report

Members of the Saltair Water Advisory Committee took part in the CVRD Utility Review in the fall 2016. Many Saltair residents also took part in the telephone and online surveys during that time. Of the 714 responses to the surveys, 140 of them were from Saltair. This is great news as there are 35 Water and Wastewater Utilities in the CVRD Electoral Areas and the Saltair Water System is just one of these utilities. The report has now been published and presented at the Electoral Area Services Committee Meeting – Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

Innova Strategy Group Wastewater Utility Review and Assessment Report – Committee Report from Water Management Division – Recommendation – For information, a link to the 178 pg. document:

Members of the Saltair Water Advisory Committee were invited to attend the 15 Feb 2017 presentation and two of us were able to attend.

How will this impact the Saltair Water System in the future?

Some of what came out of the report may benefit the Saltair Water System and some may not be in the best interest of the Saltair Water System – Saltair taxpayers and users. The Saltair Water System is the largest water system in the CVRD Electoral Areas and the Saltair taxpayers have taken on the $4.5M financial burden of upgrading approx 1/3 of the system over 15 years. Many of the other utility systems are smaller and the report indicated that of the 35 utilities 14 are on the verge of failure. The Saltair Water System has been under the CVRD since 1986 and has benefited from 30 years of the CVRD Engineering Water Departments qualified team of engineers and technicians. Many of the smaller systems have been under private ownership and not received adequate maintenance or funding to maintain these systems. Over the past 5 years plus the CVRD has taken over these systems but there are more utility systems in the CVRD that are wanting to be taken over by the CVRD. Currently there is a moratorium on the CVRD taking on more utility systems. The Report has now brought forward many recommendations that need to be carefully dissected to ensure that the Saltair Water System and Saltair taxpayers receive fair treatment as the CVRD Board and CVRD staff move forward with regards to the CVRD Utilities – Water & Wastewater. The Saltair Water Advisory Committee will be hosting an information meeting soon, and we look forward to seeing all Saltair residents there to find out more about the past and future of our water system. Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com.

Submitted: 23 Dec 2016 by the Saltair Water Advisory Committee – saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

The CVRD Board on the 9 Nov 2016 passed a motion to authorize a grant application for the Vancouver Island Health mandated Area G – Saltair Water System – Filtration System under the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant (NCWWF) .The CVRD has applied for $5.09M.

The Saltair Water System draws water from Stocking Lake, an open water source. Vancouver Island Health has mandated the Saltair Water system implement a water filtration system to meet the Vancouver Island Health’s 4-3-2-1 standard for safe drinking water requirements for open water source users. CVRD Cost Projection: CVRD Estimated Project Cost $5,090,000 NCWWF Contribution $4,224,700 ( Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Fund) Area G – Saltair’s required Contribution $865,300 (17% Local share – Saltair) If the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant is received for the Saltair Water System Filtration System Upgrades, Area G – Saltair will be required to cover the 17 % local share of the project and all ineligible costs. These amounts will be on top of the extra taxation Saltair taxpayers are currently paying for the $4.5M/15 year ageing infrastructure upgrades. There are many communities vying for this new grant funding. The CVRD Board has placed a high priority for Saltair for this project within the CVRD. The Saltair Water Advisory Committee thanks the CVRD Water Management staff for all their dedicated work to bring this application to the CVRD Board for approval to apply for this grant. The awarding of the Canada and BC New Clean Water & Wastewater Funding Grant awards will most likely be announced in 2017. The Saltair Water System users and Saltair taxpayers will be looking forward to this announcement. The Saltair Water Advisory Committee and the CVRD staff will be meeting with the CVRD Area G – Saltair community in 2017. Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com.

Submitted: 22 December, 2016 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee – saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

Non-Domestic Groundwater Users and Groundwater Users – Saltair

This may apply to some of the properties here in Saltair and we want to ensure you know of these changes and regulations.

On February 29, 2016, the provincial government brought the Water Sustainability Act into force along with the first phase of regulations. The Water Sustainability Act updates and replaces the old Water Act and delivers on an important government commitment to ensure our water stays healthy and secure.

The new laws include licensing requirements for non-domestic groundwater users, e.g., irrigation, waterworks, industrial, or power purpose. An application for an authorization (licence or use approval) for non-domestic use of groundwater must be submitted on or before March 1st, 2019 to be in compliance with the law. To encourage users to apply early, the application fee waiver period for existing non-domestic groundwater users has been extended to December 31st, 2017.

There are benefits to getting your groundwater licence application in early. By submitting an application for existing non-domestic groundwater use, government will have the knowledge of your use and be able to consider it during water scarcity, when reviewing other applications, and to provide notice when other applications may affect the security of your water. Domestic groundwater use is exempt from licensing and fees. A domestic groundwater user has a well and uses that water for household purposes, such as drinking, washing, watering a garden, or providing water for domestic animals and poultry. Domestic well owners are encouraged to register their well to make their water use known so it can be protected. Submit a well registration form to Groundwater [at] gov [dot] bc [dot] ca. Not sure if your well is already registered? Contact FrontCounter BC: More information about the Water Sustainability Act and the new regulations can be found on the Province’s Water website: . For specific direction and guidance on how to apply for a groundwater licence, please visit FrontCounter BC: With the size and complexity of the WSA and the number of required regulations, government is implementing the new Act using a phased approach. Work on the next phase of regulations and policies has been initiated on measuring and reporting, livestock watering, water objectives, planning and governance.

Submitted 28 October, 2016 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee – saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com.

The CVRD Website has made some welcome changes as of the 28 Oct 2016 with regards to the Saltair Water System link. Good to check it out.

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Drinking Water

CVRD Water Filtration Grant Application update April 2016:


water main
Posted by the Saltair Water Advisory Committee:

Saltair Water System Watermain Upgrades September 2016

Just a reminder that Stage 2 Watering Restrictions are still in effect until the end of Oct 2016.The CVRD water meter readers have been out and about in Saltair, which means that we will all be getting our past 6 months water usage billing shortly. If anyone has a larger than usual water bill and has questions, please call the CVRD to ask to have your meter read again. If there is a leak on the property owners side the CVRD has a one time forgiveness on your water bill overage with proof of repairs by the property owner. We have been advised by some who have had this happen that it was cheaper to replace the water line with a new water line from the water meter box to their homes, instead of digging up the old line and looking for leaks.

The Phase 3 work that was stalled in 2015 due to the discovery of midden near the Lagoon Bridge has now been finished in 2016. The landscaping and paving have also been completed. Hub City did a great job of paving. The paving job on the water side on the south end of the Lagoon Bridge was not part of the Phase 3 paving and was done by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Phase 3 Optional Work was able to be finished in 2016 as a design and contract were in place for this work. These costs have also been moved into the 2016 Saltair Water System Budget as the work has been done in 2016.

Saltair Water Building on Chemainus Rd.

The CVRD has demolished the Saltair Water building on Chemainus road at a cost of approx $10,000 that will be an expense coming out of the Saltair Water System Budget for 2016

Filtration System

The CVRD is currently working on a design and consultation for the Saltair Water System VI mandated filtration system.

You can contact the committee by emailing the Saltair Water Advisory Committee at saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com .

 Saltair Water Advisory Committee has been formed!

A group of Saltair residents has formed a committee in CVRD Area G – Saltair to create a voice for our community about the potable Saltair Water System.

Keep reading… SWAC UPDATE Nov 2015

The Saltair Water System

System Overview

Saltair water system is located north-east of Ladysmith in Area G.  The water system services primarily residential homes but it also services select commercial properties.

Source, Treatment and Distribution

The source of water for this system is Stocking Lake, located to the west of the service area. Water flows from the lake, through the treatment plant and is then stored in a 819 m3 above-ground reservoir. The water receives both UV-light and chlorine disinfection and is fed from the reservoir to the customers by gravity.

Critical equipment is monitored 24-hours a day for malfunctions (such as high or low chlorine levels or pump failures); if such an abnormality occurs an alarm is send to the on-duty pager to alert CVRD-staff for immediate response.

Upgrade Project

A 15-year upgrade project was started in 2013 to replace and upgrade sections of aging infrastructure within the water system. The focus of the initial phase of the project (2013-2017) has been to replace and upgrade pipe that has had a history of watermain breaks; the 2017 scheduled upgrades include: Dogwood Road, Chemoy Road (including re-routing the watermain away from the back of residential properties), Gardner Road West and a section of South Oyster School Road (commencing at Sea-vista Road).

The Saltair Water System was constructed beginning in the early 1960’s with the majority of the water lines being built in the 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. The CVRD assumed responsibility for the system in 1986. The system is now comprised of 13 commercial classifications and 722 residential classifications with a total of 847 parcels of land within the system, and continues to supply water to a portion of the Town of Ladysmith’s annexed lands.

The sole source of water for this system is Stocking Lake, a small body of water in a small watershed. This source of water is also shared with the Town of Ladysmith. Water flows from the lake through a series of pressure reducing valves that reduce line pressure from 2200 kPa (320 psi) to 345 kPa (50 psi) and into a 230,000 litre (50,000 gallon) above-grade reservoir.


Saltair’s water is then fed to a pressure-reducing station and treatment station located at 10620 South Watts Road. The raw water receives disinfection through a chlorine gas vacuum system. The chlorine gas system responds automatically to the flow recorded from a flow meter, therefore the chlorine gas dosage is directly proportional to the amount of flow. The chlorine residual level is continuously monitored at the point where the water leaves the reservoir. If the chlorine levels are too high or too low, an alarm signal will alert CVRD staff 24 hours a day.


The distribution system consists primarily of 150-mm and 100-mm asbestos cement pipe, with new 200-mm and 150-mm PVC pipeworks along the Trans-Canada Highway.


As part of the maintenance program for the water system, the distribution system is flushed on an annual basis, usually in the spring, and the hydrants and valves are regularly maintained.

For additional information click here: Annual Water Report and Maintenance Bylaw

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