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Open Burn Ban Across Cowichan Valley

Open burning restrictions have been issued across British Columbia’s high smoke sensitivity zones, which include the Cowichan Valley

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy in collaboration with provincial public health partners has issued the restrictions until Wednesday, April 15. No new fires may be initiated and no additional material may be added to existing fires. A map of affected areas is shown in yellow in Figure 1 and a high resolution image can be accessed on the provincial Interactive Venting Index webpage.

As cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in B.C. continue to increase, the BC Centre for Disease Control recommends implementing measures that help to reduce excess air pollution.

There is strong evidence that exposure to air pollution increases susceptibility to respiratory viral infections by decreasing immune function,” said Daniel Bings, with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

This means that:

• Deterioration in air quality may lead to more COVID-19 infections overall,

• Deterioration in air quality may lead to more cases of severe COVID-19 infections, adding further demand to our healthcare system, and

• Improvements to air quality may help to protect the whole population from COVID-19 and its potentially severe effects.

“Evidence suggests that air pollution from combustion sources is most strongly associated with increased risk of viral infection, particularly vehicle emissions and biomass burning.,” said Bings in a release.

At this time the BC Centre for Disease Control strongly recommends that open burning of biomass fuels be restricted in areas with high or moderate risk of population exposure to the resulting smoke.

“While the focus should remain on social distancing to prevent the spread of infection and reduce the number of cases, keeping our air as clean as possible will also help to protect the population during this difficult period.”

For this reason The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy is restricting open burning in some parts of the province. These restrictions will be evaluated on a daily basis; the area to which they apply may grow or diminish accordingly.

Please read News Release from CVRD


Some municipalities are seeing a lot of new things being flushed down the toilet, and that can damage infrastructure and shut down sewer/septic systems.

Flushing any type of wipe, including disinfecting wipes and wipes marked as “flushable” is causing clogging at our sanitary sewage pump stations and may result in sewer & septic field backups.

➡️ Please dispose of wipes, paper towels, surgical gloves, and tissues, sanitiary products, baby wipes, swifter pads  in your garbage.

Sewage clogs from flushable wipes, antibacterial wipes, etc.


Hold Off on Visiting a CVRD Recycling Centre

Please consider holding off on your visit to a CVRD Recycling Centre until after the health crisis improves.

CVRD Recycling Centres are experiencing significant increases in customer volumes. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days. Customers should expect long wait times and delays.

In order for staff to follow best practices for social distancing and reduce interactions, the following measures will be in effect:

• Ten vehicles at a time will have access to the depot
• No cash – only credit and debit payments are accepted
• Free Stores are closed

Curbside collection schedules remain the same. Please store recyclables at home and use curbside pick-up as the service is provided for most homes within the region.

Recycling Centre hours of operation remain the same at this time, please check for updates.


ALERT Arriving Home from a Trip Outside of Canada?

ALERT for Travelers arriving  back to Canada

Federal and provincial public health leaders have recommended that all travellers from outside of Canada self-isolate for 14 days. These efforts will contribute to slow the introduction and spread of COVID-19 in Canada.


  • Self-isolate for 14 days after your return to Canada. Some provinces and territories may have specific recommendations for certain groups such as health care workers. Self-isolate means:
    • stay home and keep your distance from others
    • do not have visitors, especially older adults, or those with medical conditions who are at a higher risk of developing serious illness
  • Monitor your health for fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your arm when coughing or sneezing.

If you develop a fever, cough or difficulty breathing within 14 days:

  • Continue to isolate yourself from others
  • Immediately call a health care professional or public health authority and:
    • describe your symptoms and travel history
    • follow their instructions carefully

CVRD News Release Further reduction of non-essential services

Further reduction of non-essential services as staffing levels reduced

CVRD Local government administrative offices to close end of day March 17, until further notice

March 17, 2020
Local government administrative offices to close at end of day until further notice Duncan, BC – In an ongoing effort to maintain the health and safety of its employees and the public, the Cowichan Valley Regional District is closing its administrative offices at 175 Ingram Street at the end of the day.
This action is being taken in coordination with the CVRD member municipalities of Ladysmith, Duncan, North Cowichan and Lake Cowichan, each of which is also closing its administrative offices to the public.
All those CVRD staff who are able to work from home will be doing so effective tomorrow, and a select number of staff will remain working from the Ingram Street offices in order to ensure essential service delivery and coordinate the Regional Emergency Operation Centre.
Core land use services, including building inspection, development planning and bylaw enforcement will attempt to deliver service to the public in a limited capacity. There will be limited intake of new building permit and development applications for the foreseeable future, and CVRD staff will focus efforts on processing existing applications.
All recycling centres and solid waste collection will continue to operate with minor modifications to protect public and staff contact, but will be subject to staff capacity going forward.
Revised contact information for administrative services will be shared with the public as it becomes available, both through the CVRD website, CVRD social media channels and local media outlets.
The CVRD apologizes for the inconvenience these actions will inevitably create, and asks the public to practice patience and understanding as we make every effort to adjust our operations to these exceptional circumstances.
For more information on our response please visit:
Any members of the public who may be experiencing symptoms and require screening information are encouraged to call 1.888.COVID19 to speak with public health staff.

Saltair Community Centre Closed Until Further Notice


We just received notification from the CVRD Board that all recreational facilities are being closed in the CVRD as of the end of today, March 16, which includes the Saltair Community Centre. These closures will be “until further notice” and may be for a month or two. We really do not know at this point what will happen with the Corona Virus situation.

Stay tuned for further updates as we move through these difficult times.

Thank you everyone for your support and patronage.

Posted for Saltair Community Society Board of Directors.

March 16th, 2020

Saltair Community Centre COVID 19 Update

Hi Everyone.
As you all know, there is a very contagious virus going around.

The Society Directors are concerned about the health of not only our long term tenants, but also their clients and fellow members.
The Directors will be following the guidelines of Island Health/ CVRD at the Saltair Community Centre.

We will be keeping the Centre open for the time being until Island Health and/ or the CVRD ask that we close, or the Directors feel it is not healthy to keep the Centre open.
Should that happen, we will give you all enough notice to contact your members/clients.

We have stepped up our cleaning of the Centre to include washing of all door knobs, light switches, and toilet levers. As always, floors are being washed with disinfectant. We will incorporate adding bleach to the cleaning water.

We ask for your help and cooperation, by washing your hands with soap and water frequently,
stay home if feeling unwell,
cough/sneeze into your elbow,
keep hands away from your eyes and nose.
avoid crowds.
We will be placing signs in the Centre reminding everyone to wash their hands.

Should any of you feel that your classes/workshops should be cancelled now, please feel free to do so. Let me know, and your rental fee will be held in trust until such time you return.
We will also post on our website and Facebook your decision.
Stay safe,
Nadi Bottomley, President of Saltair Community Society
Ph. 250-245-2335
email ainlet [at] shaw [dot] ca