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Emergency Preparedness

When disaster strikes, the most immediate help will come from those around you – your neighbours. Connecting and building relationships with them today will mean a better response and faster recovery.  Download the In it Together: Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide (PDF) and start talking with the people next door. It will help you join forces so you collectively know what to do in an emergency, who to check on and what resources are available nearby. Prepared neighbourhoods are resilient neighbourhoods. When you’re in it together, you’re stronger.

Step 1: Prepare your home

Pulling together as a neighbourhood requires a basic level of personal preparedness. Take the first steps by completing the PreparedBC: Household Preparedness Guide (PDF), filling in the blanks of the PreparedBC: Household Emergency Plan (PDF) and building an emergency kit.

Step 2: Meet your neighbours

Use the In it Together: Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide (PDF) as an icebreaker and organize a get-together, like a BBQ or potluck. If you already have a neighbourhood network in place – a Block Watch group, residents association or strata council – start there

New Board for the Saltair Community Center



Monday, MAY 16th @ 7pm

At the May 16 Annual General Meeting of the Saltair Community Society a new board was selected to operate the Saltair Community Centre for the next year. The new board consists of Jackie Rieck, David Hope, Crista Stegaman, Bill Cleary, Nadi Bottomley and Mel Dorey. Mel is the CVRD director for Saltair and was on the temporary board but dropped out due to a perceived conflict coming down from a court case on Saltspring Island. A more recent ruling said that it was okay to be on the two boards at once.
At the next meeting on May 27 the table officers will be put in place and the Saltair Centre will be open for business shortly there after. Several groups have already expressed interest in using the centre.

Check back regularly for new updates of what is happening.

Local Saltair Group Meets with Ministry of Highways

GOOD NEWS!!  MAY 19TH, 2016

Local Saltair group met today, with Ministry of Highways to advocate for further road enhancements, and as a result we can look forward to receiving a much needed “painted” on “Pedestrian crosswalk” at Byron’s and Mountain View Dr.- Saltair’s Downtown!!

Other planned improvements include: pot hole repairs, and sealing asphalt cracks with crack sealant treatment. Watch for mower machine clearing roadside vegetation in the next coming weeks!

Traffic counters will be organized shortly, to collect usage statistics for pedestrian, cylce and vehicle traffic along Saltair’s section of Chemainus road
The collected data can be used to apply for grants for bike/pedestrian lanes and Trans Canada Trail funding, as well as capture tax dollars for our future road repairs and improvements.

The Saltair Song by Terry Boyle


THE SALTAIR SONG                                                            Terry Boyle              03/11/15


Well look what they miss on the highway

When they’re hurrying from here to there

They may get where they’re going without ever knowing

The beautiful place called Saltair.


Well it’s neither a town nor a city

But it’s rather a home that we share

With its forest and trails as we walk by the rails

Beside Stocking Creek Park in Saltair.


When the warm summer breezes are blowing

And the sunshine has banished all care

To the sand at the big rock the happy kids flock

To Boulder Point here in Saltair


Our water is some of the purest

That’s something incredibly rare

All credit we’ll take for our fine Stocking Lake

As its nectar flows down to Saltair.


The people of Saltair are friendly

With a helping hand always to spare

The community centre’s a brand new adventure

For the volunteers here in Saltair.


We have a safe, tropical climate

The palm trees grow tall in the parks

Owls, eagles and deer can have grub through the year

And we can stroll in Saltair after dark.


The Lagoon is a wonderful feature

With flora and fauna so rare

Keep your eyes on the road as the log barge unloads

Or you’ll end up in the drink in Saltair.


We may wander the world in our travels

To Istanbul, Duncan or Rome

We may not be as famous as downtown Chemainus

But it’s Saltair we love to call home.                Facebook: Terry Boyle Music     terryboyle9294 [at] gmail [dot] com

Available for house concerts, festivals and special occasions


Parks Commission Meetings

Parks Commission meetings are held on the 1st Monday of every month at 7pm at the Saltair Community Center, unless there is a Statutory Holiday, meeting is then held on the following Monday.

There are no meetings held in July, August, and December.
Public can attend as  an observing guest and/or can address the Commission as a “Delegate”.

Please contact Chairperson Tim Godau at tgodau [at] hotmail [dot] com if you would like to address the Commission.

Community Notice Board

Check out our Sunny  Saltair’s  Community Information Kiosk , right next to  the Dayliner Cafe at 10445 Chemainus Road.
It contains information from the area director, the CVRD, and local events.
It is for community use so post any information that is relevant to the Saltair area.
Our community information board was constructed by residents John Silins and Steve Neil.