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CVRD hosts Saltair Water Systems Treatment Plant Open House

What a pleasant surprise accompanied the most recent water bill. CVRD is hosting a tour of the Saltair water treatment plant and facilities, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 10am – 1pm.

It is billed as a family friendly event consisting tours of the treatment building, giveaways of water smart products, educational material and best of all, refreshments and snacks.

The address is 10631 South Watts Road. The road is a logging road and is pretty rough but passable; don’t take a Lamborghini.

Please click on highlighted link for further information

Saltair Water Systems Community Open House

CVRD:: 250 746 2530 or email: es [at] cvrd [dot] bc [dot] ca

Post provided by John Silins, April 25th, 2017

CVRD Water and Wastewater Utility Review – Final Report

Article provided by Saltair Water Advisory Committee: saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

Members of the Saltair Water Advisory Committee took part in the CVRD Utility Review in the fall 2016. Many Saltair residents also took part in the telephone and online surveys during that time. Of the 714 responses to the surveys, 140 of them were from Saltair. This is great news as there are 35 Water and Wastewater Utilities in the CVRD Electoral Areas and the Saltair Water System is just one of these utilities. The report has now been published and presented at the Electoral Area Services Committee Meeting – Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Innova Strategy Group Wastewater Utility Review and Assessment Report – Committee Report from Water Management Division – Recommendation – For information

A link to the 178 pg. document.

Members of the Saltair Water Advisory Committee were invited to attend the 15 Feb 2017 presentation and two of us were able to attend.

How will this impact the Saltair Water System in the future? Some of what came out of the report may benefit the Saltair Water System and some may not be in the best interest of the Saltair Water System – Saltair taxpayers and users. The Saltair Water System is the largest water system in the CVRD Electoral Areas and the Saltair taxpayers have taken on the $4.5M financial burden of upgrading approx 1/3 of the system over 15 years. Many of the other utility systems are smaller and the report indicated that of the 35 utilities 14 are on the verge of failure. The Saltair Water System has been under the CVRD since 1986 and has benefited from 30 years of the CVRD Engineering Water Departments qualified team of engineers and technicians. Many of the smaller systems have been under private ownership and not received adequate maintenance or funding to maintain these systems. Over the past 5 years plus the CVRD has taken over these systems but there are more utility systems in the CVRD that are wanting to be taken over by the CVRD. Currently there is a moratorium on the CVRD taking on more utility systems. The Report has now brought forward many recommendations that need to be carefully dissected to ensure that the Saltair Water System and Saltair taxpayers receive fair treatment as the CVRD Board and CVRD staff move forward with regards to the CVRD Utilities – Water & Wastewater.

The Saltair Water Advisory Committee will be hosting an information meeting soon, and we look forward to seeing all Saltair residents there to find out more about the past and future of our water system.

Article provided by Saltair Water Advisory Committee: saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com.

Will the Town of Ladysmith’s Compost/Biosolids Treatment Facility Impact Saltair?

Please click on the highlighted text to read “Town of Ladysmith” response to  questions submitted by Penny Mear, David Nikula and Mel Dorey regarding the compost/biosolid facility plans to build at 4142 Thicke Road.

2017.02.06 ltr DOREY fr GF answers to biosolids questions (1)

For further information check out the Town of Ladysmith link

Please note: photo supplied is a photo example of Comox Valley compost/biosolid facility

Check out CVRD Water Utilities Website

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Saltair Water Advisory Committee – September Update

UPDATE -posted 30 Sept 2016 by Saltair Water Advisory Committee

Just a reminder that Stage 2 Watering Restrictions are still in effect until the end of Oct 2016.

The CVRD water meter readers have been out and about in Saltair, which means that we will all be getting our past 6 months water usage billing shortly. If anyone has a larger than usual water bill and has questions, please call the CVRD to ask to have your meter read again. If there is a leak on the property owners side the CVRD has a one time forgiveness on your water bill overage with proof of repairs by the property owner. We have been advised by some who have had this happen that it was cheaper to replace the water line with a new water line from the water meter box to their homes, instead of digging up the old line and looking for leaks.

The Phase 3 work that was stalled in 2015 due to the discovery of midden near the Lagoon Bridge has now been finished in 2016. The landscaping and paving have also been completed. Hub City did a great job of paving. The paving job on the water side on the south end of the Lagoon Bridge was not part of the Phase 3 paving and was done by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Phase 3 Optional Work was able to be finished in 2016 as a design and contract were in place for this work. These costs have also been moved into the 2016 Saltair Water System Budget as the work has been done in 2016.

Results of CVRD Garbage, Recycling and Organic Survey!

The survey was posted to all blue bins placed on the curbside in Area G. 

The ones who missed the opportunity of surveys via bins were able to participate via phone calls and emails.  A total of 694 surveys were distributed and 437 received, making it a 63% participation rate.

The survey process is now complete and we are in the process of putting
together a staff report for Regional Engineering Services Committee (RESC)
meeting on March 23rd.  The staff report will present survey results from
all the Electoral Areas that were surveyed (including Area G).
Subsequently, the results will be posted on the CVRD website for further

By looking at the survey results for Area G (Saltair / Gulf Islands), only
28% of the respondents wanted a Complete Service (garbage, recycling and
organics) while 72% of the respondents did not want any new service.  This
survey was completed for the Multi Material BC (MMBC) funding utilization
options.  You can join us on March 23rd or call/email me for further

Tauseef Waraich, M.Sc., P.Ag
Recycling & Waste Management Division
Cowichan Valley Regional District
175 Ingram Street, Duncan, BC  V9L 1N8
Email: twaraich [at] cvrd [dot] bc [dot] ca
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