Saltair Mail Box Break-Ins

Saltair Mail Box Break-ins
Posted by: Lynne Smith – Area G –Director Elect
23 Oct 2018
Saltair Mail Box Break-ins Photo credit Darlene McMurtry Wright
Yesterday I was out and about and noticed that many of the Saltair Mail Boxes had been broken into.
Recently there has been mail box break-ins all up and down the Island involving these type of mail boxes. The possible reason is that people are looking for cannabis that has been sent by mail. They seem to not realize that cannabis sent by mail has to be picked up at the Post Office if you have our style of mail boxes.
The RCMP have been called in to investigate. Thank you to the residents that brought these break-ins to their attention.
Today I spoke with the people that were taping up the broken boxes and was advised that these boxes will be replace with new boxes but it might take a few weeks or more.
I was advised that those with broken boxes will have to pick their mail up at the Post Office in Ladysmith for those that have mail delivery from the Ladysmith Post Office and for those that have mail delivery from the Chemainus Post Office they will need to pick up their mail at the Chemainus Post Office.
For those that are interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch program in their area of Saltair, please contact the RCMP to work out all the details as there is a process involving the RCMP. Good to hear that people in the Saltair community are wanting to get started on helping keep the Saltair community and their neighbourhood safe.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to bring this information to the community.
Lynne Smith
Area G – Director Elect

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