Camp Fire Burning Ban in Effect

Campfire Ban across BC

BC government has put a campfire ban in effect starting June 30th to October 15th 2021.

Campfires are defined as anything smaller than 0.5 metres wide by 0.5 metres tall.  Larger open burning is also banned.

Also prohibited is  the use of fireworks,  sky lanterns,  tiki torches and other similar torches, and burn barrels.

Anyone found breaking a fire ban may face a range of fines, including a $1,150 ticket, an administrative penalty up to $10,000, or a fine up to $100,000 and up to one year in prison if convicted in court.

People who break a fire ban and contribute to the start of a wildfire could also be on the hook for firefighting costs.

To report a fire call 911 immediately.


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