Fitness For Life Classes Resume at Saltair Community Centre

Fitness For Life Classes are Back!

Covid 19 guidelines and rules are in place and must be followed. Everyone in class maintains a safe distance of 2 meters. Everyone washes hands prior to class start and all equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each class. We also communicate at the beginning of each class to make sure everyone is OK & has a safe space to share if they are worried.⁣

Until further notice we will continue to provide classes for all who choose to attend💪

Fitness for Life Class working on side planks while practicing safe distancing. Photo courtesy of Tyler Buck

The Fitness For Life Club has also launched online!

We have been working diligently to create online programs & classes that will help you improve your health, increase your energy and become a stronger version of you.

We are currently offering meditation, fitness, and yoga. Our plans are to expand out further into nutrition, cooking, mental health, and so on.

The sky’s the limit!

We have created a special one time 50% off discount for current and past Boundless clients. This covers two free weeks plus a one-week free trial.

Use this code at checkout: BOUNDLESS

Visit our website:

PS – If you not a current or past client you are still eligible for one free week on us 💪


Tyler Buck, Co-founder & Head Coach

Tyler Buck - Co-Founder - Coach Instructor

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