How to Report Excessive Noise & Light Concerns Related to Vessels at Anchor

Click  on the highlighted link below to submit noise and light concerns related to vessels at anchor along coastline of Saltair and Ladysmith.  Click Here to Submit Noise & Light Concerns!

In accordance with the Interim Protocol for the Use of Southern B.C. Anchorages, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority will address anchorage concerns related to noise and light.

Please complete the form in the link provided. Once the online form is submitted, it will generate an automatic email to the port authority’s 24/7 port operations centre, who will contact the vessel’s agent (responsible for the ship while in B.C.’s coastal waters) within two to four hours to minimize noise and light when possible and safe to do so.

Please note that ships require some power and light to safely operate when at anchor. Your concerns will also be reported to Transport Canada.

For information or general concerns related to the Southern B.C. anchorages, please contact Transport Canada.

Concerned homeowners are effected by excessive noise and lights from vessels anchored along the Saltair coastline. photo by Doug & Sabrina Blackley


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