Orca Family Put on Quite a Show Along Saltair’s Shoreline

Orca Family Visit Saltair Shoreline

Lucky Saltair, Ladysmith & Chemainus residents were delighted to witness a rare visit by a family of killer whales (Orcas).  The adults and baby whales put on quite a show while cruising near Davis Road Lagoon and Ladysmith Harbour.

Thank you to Photographers Art Carlyle and Shawn Wagar.

Wow! photo credit: Shawn Wagar
Orca family cruising along Saltair shores Counted 8 whales! Photo Credit: Shawn Wagar
Orca pod with Davis Lagoon bridge in the background photo credit: Shawn Wagar

Photo Credit Shawn Wagar

Photo Credit: Shawn Wagar

Little baby Orca peeping his head out of the water! Photo Credit: Art Carlyle

Ladysmith Harbour – Orca sightings Photo Credit: Art Carlyle

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