Winter Driving Information

Winter Driving Conditions Have Arrived!

Mainroad Contracting Call Centre operation is available 24/7 to report changing road conditions, road kill, downed trees,
blockages, flooding, sink holes, potholes and debris.



Public is encouraged to report changing road conditions that could cause a hazard to the travelling public.  Please know that all calls are logged and passed onto local area crews. Thank you for taking the time to report feedback! 

To visit their Public Resource Information Hotline: Click here for hotline info   An operator will record and forward the information to crews on shift as well as dispatch additional personnel, and update Drive BC. Click here for Drive BC website

Please be prepared for ALL types of driving conditions.
Remember to turn on both heads and taillights to help others see you. Ice, snow, fog, rain, poor visibility, and lack of daylight are all hazards to be aware of when setting out on the roads.  Reduce speed in poor driving conditions.

Let’s all have a safe winter!



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