Saltair Section of Trans Canada Trail (Cowichan Valley Trail)

Saltair Trans Canada Trail Committee

Many Saltair residents are very concerned about bicycle and pedestrian safety along Chemainus Road in Saltair.  A group consisting of Tim Godau, Jason Wilson, Debbie Neil, Jackie Rieck, Lynne Smith and Jane Walton believe that completing the Trans Canada Trail  through Saltair would significantly help solve this problem.  They sent a series of 13 questions to the CVRD  about plans for finishing the trail and also represented themselves as a delegation to the CVRD Regional Services Committee this past March 23 to present their case.

Jason Wilson was the spokesman for the group doing a terrific PowerPoint presentation illustrating the current problems of Chemainus Road and the safety concerns that they had. The main focus was that Saltair should be the next link completed on the trail to alleviate these problems and because it serves the 16,000 residents of Chemainus, Saltair and Ladysmith. Through discussion here are some of the facts that came out.

  1. The main obstacle to completing the trail is money. It will take $1.55 million to complete the Saltair section. The big cost is doing the two bridge structures over Stocking Creek. The engineering work has been done for this section and it is shovel ready when the money is ready.
  2. This a regional project so regional money will be used along with grant money from different authorities like ICET, Western Diversification, Trans Canada Trails Foundation, Bike BC, Green Municipal Fund, New Canada Building Fund, Regional Parks Budget Gas Tax and others.
  3. The Island Corridor Foundation controls the land beside the train track where the trail will be built. The Island Corridor is owned by all the municipalities and regional districts from Victoria to Campbell River. This 6.3 km Saltair section of the trail will be built on the west side of the track continuing from Chemainus to Stocking Creek Park.

The CVRD heard the concerns of our committee and were very supportive of our efforts. They want the trail completed also. There is some hope that the work can start in 2017 or 2018.

Mel Dorey, Area G Director, CVRD, Saltair and the Islands

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