Local Quilters Creating Large Quilt to represent “Saltair” for Canada 150 Celebration

Just a short update, in case you are wondering, on the progress of our  Sesquicentennial Quilt.

Last week I went on a Denman Island quilt
retreat at Capernwray on Thetis Island and did nothing else for five
days but quilt, quilt, quilt on our mega quilt.  I am still working at
it.  The decision was made to actually quilt the three large panels
before appliqueing the pictures.  This will make it easier to place them  because I will have a straight edge from which to work.

Some of our non-quilting friends have no idea what goes into making such  a mega project.   (even some of our quilting friends).   When the panels  are ready to place the pictures, I will do a little thread painting on  each picture after they are attached. Then comes the job of attaching  the three panels to each other  – only then can the binding begin.  At  the very end we will collectively attach the wonderful leaves Mary Chudy  made for us and a few beads to enhance some of the pictures.

It was impossible to attach the pictures to the background and get them  straight before quilting it and cutting it to size. That was one of the  reasons I decided to quilt it myself rather than send it out to a
longarm quilter.

That’s it for today.

Happy Quilting,


A local quilting group that meet every Tuesday at the Saltair Community Centre are busying creating a large quilt to represent “Saltair” for Canada’s 150th celebration. President of the Quilting Club: Christa Stegemann, commented, “The panels on the design wall are a combined effort of several quilters.  Some of our more creative quilters thoroughly enjoyed creating the scenes from some of the better known sites in Saltair.  A few quilters made some of the more traditional squares.  We still have a number of outstanding panels and hope to have them in our next update.  Our design wall is presently a temporary, free-standing wall that I covered in white flannelette.  Eventually it will be fastened to the existing wall.  The wall panels are 8′ by 8′ and will be filled with scenes.  Then there will be a one foot border all the way around, making the whole quilt come to 10′ by 10′.”

Quilting Bee Ladies

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