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Watermain Upgrade Old Victoria Road

Old Victoria Road Watermain Upgrades for 2018

As part of the 15-year Saltair water system remediation, the tender for replacing the asbestos pipe from the Chemainus (North Cowichan) border to approximately Jackman Road will be going out to bids shortly.  As there is a limited budget to work with each year to complete the upgrade work, the complete section of watermain may not be replaced this year.  Work will begin at the Chemainus end and will replace the existing 2″ diameter pipe with 6″ PVC pipe.  Work will continue towards Jackman Road as far as the budget will allow replacing the 4” pipe with a 6″ PVC pipe.  Any remaining watermain to be upgraded will be completed in the future.

Saltair Water System was recently reviewed by the Fire Underwriters Survey and has maintained its fire insurance grading recognition.   It is the understanding of the CVRD that the Saltair Water System is graded as a whole rather than individual streets or sections of the water system therefore insurance premiums should not vary throughout the water system.

At the time the water petition was circulated the pressure problem was to be addressed with a pumping station near the corner of Chemainus and Old Victoria Roads. It now appears that the pressure issue may be addressed more economically with the replacement of the smaller diameter pipes with the 6″ PVC and future looping of the system at the end of Old Victoria Road and Dogwood Road.  If you experience serious pressure problem at your house but have adequate supply pipes the problem may be mitigated by replacing the roadside water service with one of larger size.  The costs to upgrade the size of the water service would be paid for by the homeowner.

Finally, CVRD will be holding a public meeting on the water system in the fall. The session will present emerging information on such issues as water filtration, ground water capacities, and future remediation plans, among other topics and seek input from the community.


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