In Memory of Saltair Artist Lyle Duxbury

Lyle Duxbury “Soft Landing #4

Saltair Artist:  Lyle Duxbury  Born 1935 –  Died July 4th  2016

“Forms, colour and medium, reflect my whims and persona. They are swept away on an odyssey filled with metaphysical shadows that drift in and out  on a wake of alpha, beta, and delta waves. Born out of this ebb and flow are man and animal forms that are interdependent, one to another, as they float cheek to jowl in my metaphysic sea. The collective aesthete paints society all hues. When one colours over and beyond the lines of the status quo it is labeled ART”

Lyle began painting at the age of 4. He was an honours graduate at Vancouver School of Art and taught at the Vancouver Institute of Art. He lived in Mexico, Toronto and Chemainus before landing in Saltair. His awards and galleries that displayed his works spanned the globe – Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Spain

To his neighbours he was the artist who cared deeply about his art, took long walks, and once owned a lovely peacock named  Leonardo.
In his later years he was grateful for the help he received from his neighbours. People with that Saltair community spirit mowed his lawns, took him to appointments, took him shopping, put up a chain link fence, brought his groceries, and generally made sure he was okay.
He will be missed in Saltair and the world art community.

Artist Lyle Duxbury “Live Down Umbra #8
Artist Lyle Duxbury “Soft Debris #2”

Written and submitted by Diana McTavish, September 20th, 2017


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