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Peerless Road Recycling Centre Summer Schedule

Peerless Road Recycling Summer Schedule

Please note that as of June 1, Peerless Road Recycling Centre will resume summer operating hours.

Peerless Road Recycling Centre Hours & Operation Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

CVRD Free Store located at  Peerless Road is closed to the public until further notice.

CVRD Recycling Centres are experiencing significant increases in customer volumes. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days. Customers should expect long wait times and delays.

In order for staff to follow best practices for social distancing and reduce interactions, the following measures will be in effect:

• Ten vehicles at a time will have access to the depot
• No cash – only credit and debit payments are accepted
• Free Stores are closed

Curbside collection schedules remain the same. Please store recyclables at home and use curbside pick-up as the service is provided for most homes within the region.

Recycling Centre hours of operation remain the same at this time, please check for updates.


Garbage & Recycling Fee Increase

Garbage & Recycling Utility Fee Increase

Fees have increased to help cover rising operating costs such as fuel and waste disposal. This is the first time curbside collection fees have been increased since 2012. The amount of the fee increase ranges from $5 to $12 depending on the service you receive.

An invoice and letter explaining the new utility fee increase have been sent out to Area G residents by the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

Please click on the highlighted link for detailed information regarding this increase.

CVRD_CurbsideRecycling 2019

Water Systems Flushing Notice

Water Systems Flushing Notice

Monday April 8 through April 18- 8am-4pm

Residents may experience some air in the lines and discolouration of the water supply during these operations. Should this occur, running a cold water tap for a short period will help to restore the water quality to normal. We realize this maintenance activity may inconvenience you and we will do our best to minimize any disruption. The CVRD appreciates your patience during this interruption of service. Please call the Engineering Services

Department at 250.746.2530 should you have any questions regarding the above.

Watermain Construction Upgrade

Notice from Area G Director – Lynne Smith
Posted: 12 Nov 2018 – CVRD Website

Construction Works, Chemainus Road (Olsen Road to Reed Road), Construction is to begin approx. 19th of November.

Please be advised that the CVRD and David Stalker Excavating Ltd. will be working to upgrade the watermain along Chemainus Road, from Olsen Road to Reed Road. Please remember to plan for extra time to get from A to B.

This watermain upgrade is part of the 2018 watermain upgrade program.  Please be advised that during the construction period, traffic disruptions may occur but will be very limited in duration. Every effort will be made to keep local disruptions to a minimum.  Construction signs will be posted and flag persons will be on duty to assist with traffic flow.  Please exercise caution, obey all signage placed for your safety and follow the directions of the flagpersons on duty.

CVRD Waste Management Presentation Held-Public Input required until Sept. 14th

CVRD hosted the Presentation on Solid Waste Management at Saltair Community Centre on Wednesday September 12/2018


Zero Waste won’t happen overnight, but we can get much closer by putting the right strategies in place. Right now the region’s waste disposal rate is 358 kg/person. We think we can do better. What do you think?

Your feedback will help the Plan Advisory Committee and Elected Officials make decisions about setting waste management goals and strategies for the next ten years.

To learn more about the Solid Waste Management Plan process, review existing documents and engage online visit:  or


Call the Recycling Hotline at 250.746.2540 or visit to learn more about recycling in the Cowichan region.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Adair Solid Waste Operations Superintendent, Recycling

and Waste Management 250.746.2676 jadair [at] cvrd [dot] bc [dot] ca


Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project – CVRD Board of Directors Approve Grant Application


Submitted by: Lynne Smith, Chair

9 Aug 2018

Current Grant Application

On August 1st, I attended the Electoral Area Services Committee (EASC) meeting. I also met with the CVRD Water Manager, Brian Dennison, to review, the current grant application for filtration, Saltair’s water options, our Saltair Water Distribution Upgrades for 2018 and plans for the CVRD staff to hold a meeting with the Saltair community. The video link for this meeting can be found at

On August 8th, I attended the CVRD Board meeting and the CVRD Board Directors passed the motion for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project – Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality Sub-steam application for grant funding.

During the Public Input portion of the EASC meeting (at 14:47 – 15:37), I spoke briefly in support of the grant application. In the video, CVRD Water Manager Brian Dennison talks about the grant (at 2:12 – 2:17). The EASC Directors voted to approve the motion (at 2:30:14 – 2:32). The EASC approval moved to the August 8th CVRD Board for its approval. (That approval was granted at the 8 Aug CVRD Board meeting.)

The motion was, “That an application for grant funding through the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure – Environmental Quality Sub-stream for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project (Electoral Area G) in the amount $6,030,000 be submitted and that subject to grant approval up to a maximum of $1,608,201 (26.67%) in short term borrowing for the Saltair Water Treatment Expansion Project be approved and that the loan be paid back over five years under the Liabilities Under Agreements Section 175 of the Community Charter.” The $6,030,000 includes a power generating station as part of the project.

As above, the grant application requires $1,608,201 of local funding. In the video, Brian Dennison describes the five- year, short-term loan option. The CVRD is suggesting the Saltair Water System can meet its local funding requirement using such a loan. Once the application has been submitted, CVRD staff will be meeting with the Saltair community to review the option of a short-term loan or taxation increase. CVRD staff will present information about the groundwater option, joining the Town of Ladysmith filtration system and other financial options for a stand-alone, Saltair filtration system (i.e., 10-year, 15-year or 20-year loans). However, coming to the community for a long-term loan at this time would take approximately six months and we would miss out on applying for the grant.

Saltair’s Water Options

In the video, Brian Dennison describes three options for Saltair water:

1) Join the Town of Ladysmith filtration system, which would involve costs to Saltair taxpayers/users approx equal to the cost of a stand-alone, Saltair filtration system.

2) Groundwater, which the CVRD is currently exploring.

3) A stand-alone filtration system.

Brian said CVRD staff will be coming to the Saltair community in the fall (Oct) to review these three options once they have data from the groundwater exploration.

Saltair’s Water Distribution Upgrades

When I met with Brian, he said many of theCVRD projects are coming in at a higher than expected cost. Because of this, the CVRD has revised its 2018 expectations. The bids will be posted shortly. The revised expectation is that the work on Chemainus Road between the PRV Station and Olsen Road will be completed and the work on Chemainus Road between Olsen Road and Southin Road and the work on Southin Road will be optional.

$258,364 of our Area G Gas Tax funds have been allocated to upgrading work on Old Victoria Road. The work will start at the North Cowichan Boundary to deal with a two-inch, 60 metre stretch. Then work will progress towards Jackman Rd. CVRD staff advise that Old Victoria work will have to be done in phases due to higher costs.

Fire Fighting Concerns

When the Chemainus Fire Department and/or the Ladysmith Fire Department attend fires in Saltair, they bring and use pumper trucks. It does not matter where you live in Saltair. The Fire Departments use pumper trucks to fight the fires. Concerns about water pressure for fighting fires is not an issue with the use of pumper trucks. The same is true for Crofton.

Saltair Water Advisory Committee saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com

Watermain Upgrade Old Victoria Road

Old Victoria Road Watermain Upgrades for 2018

As part of the 15-year Saltair water system remediation, the tender for replacing the asbestos pipe from the Chemainus (North Cowichan) border to approximately Jackman Road will be going out to bids shortly.  As there is a limited budget to work with each year to complete the upgrade work, the complete section of watermain may not be replaced this year.  Work will begin at the Chemainus end and will replace the existing 2″ diameter pipe with 6″ PVC pipe.  Work will continue towards Jackman Road as far as the budget will allow replacing the 4” pipe with a 6″ PVC pipe.  Any remaining watermain to be upgraded will be completed in the future.

Saltair Water System was recently reviewed by the Fire Underwriters Survey and has maintained its fire insurance grading recognition.   It is the understanding of the CVRD that the Saltair Water System is graded as a whole rather than individual streets or sections of the water system therefore insurance premiums should not vary throughout the water system.

At the time the water petition was circulated the pressure problem was to be addressed with a pumping station near the corner of Chemainus and Old Victoria Roads. It now appears that the pressure issue may be addressed more economically with the replacement of the smaller diameter pipes with the 6″ PVC and future looping of the system at the end of Old Victoria Road and Dogwood Road.  If you experience serious pressure problem at your house but have adequate supply pipes the problem may be mitigated by replacing the roadside water service with one of larger size.  The costs to upgrade the size of the water service would be paid for by the homeowner.

Finally, CVRD will be holding a public meeting on the water system in the fall. The session will present emerging information on such issues as water filtration, ground water capacities, and future remediation plans, among other topics and seek input from the community.


Saltair Watermain Distribution Upgrade 2017 Update

Posted 6 Jun 2017  by Saltair Water Advisory Committee (saltairwater [at] gmail [dot] com)

Saltair Watermain Distribution Upgrade 2017 Update

The Saltair Water System Distribution Upgrade along South Oyster School Road from Bazan Rd to Seavista Rd. Construction work is anticipated to start the week of Jun 19, 2017.  The winning bid went to David Stalker Excavating Ltd. The work will consist of replacing all service connections to the property line of individual water connections, as well as increasing the size of the watermain from 4″ to 6″.

Traffic control will be onsite and disruption to the traffic flow will be minimal.
As there have been two large watermain breaks on South Oyster School Rd and these breaks have caused massive damage to private properties in the area. These upgrades will be a much needed upgrade to the Saltair Water System aging infrastructure.
Saltair Water Advisory Committee