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Water Restrictions Stage 2

Stage 2 Watering Restrictions
for the entire Cowichan Valley
Regional District, including the
Town of Ladysmith, Diamond
Improvement District, and
Stz’uminus First Nation are in
effect from June 14th until
further notice.
Water restrictions are intended
to help control water usage as
demand increases with the hot,
dry weather.
Remember, being water-wise
throughout the year can also
save you money. With a little
effort, we can reduce the
amount of water we use at
home by as much as 40 percent!
Thank you for your

Self-Guided Garden Tour

Self-Guided Garden Tour in Chemainus

For those Saltairians that are interested in attending a self-guided Garden Tour of 8 unique gardens situated in Chemainus,  on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Purchase  your tickets for  $12.00 each, available at Sandpiper Gardens & Glass or Russell Farms.

June 9th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm


Submitted by Donna Dorey

Healthy Septic Care

“The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank!”- Erma Bombeck

Maintain the health of your septic system by having the tank pumped out every 3-5 years
Coast environmental gives a $30.00 discount when you have two or more septic tanks pumped at the same time.  
Save money, get together with your neighbours and have your septic system cleaned!

Septic System Reminders

To extend the life of your on-site sewage system, save on maintenance costs and protect water quality:


  1. Inspect your system once each year.
    Generally, septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years. Inspection, by you or a professional, may show that you need to pump more less often. Regular pumping ensures that solids will not flow from the septic tank into the drain field.
  2. Pump out your septic tank when needed.
    Don’t wait until you have a problem. Routine pumping can prevent system failures. If you can’t remember when your tank was last pumped, your septic system may be living on borrowed time.
  3. Keep accurate records.
    Keep a diagram of your system’s location and keep a record of system maintenance for future owners. Keep this information in the house. (We’ve included space in this brochure to make this simple.)
  4. Practice water conservation.
    The less wastewater you produce, the less strain on your system. By reducing your water use, you can extend the life of your drain field and decrease the possibility of system failure.
  5. Check with a certified septic technician for help with system problems.


  1. Don’t put these into your system:
    • Fats or grease
    • Motor oils or fuels
    • Disposable diapers
    • Coffee grounds, egg shells, nut shells
    • Filter tip cigarettes
    • Sanitary napkins, tampons or condoms
    • Paper towels or rags
    • Paints or chemicals
  2. Keep traffic off your drain field
    No vehicles, heavy equipment or livestock because the pressure can compact the soil or damage the system pipes. Do not plant a garden; construct a building or a pool near the septic system without checking with the health department first.
  3. Grass is the best cover for your septic system
    Do not place impermeable materials over your drain field. Concrete, asphalt and plastic prevent oxygen from getting into the soil. Oxygen is needed by bacteria to break down the sewage.
  4. Don’t poison your septic tank
    Drain cleaners, floor cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, paints solvents, waxes, polishes, coating or strippers may destroy important bacteria in the septic tank and contaminate ground and surface water.
  5. Don’t use a garbage disposal
    It adds solids and grease to the system. If a garbage disposal is used, more frequent cleaning of the septic tank will be required.
  6. Don’t dispose of water from hot tubs (spas) into the system
    The large volume of water will overload the system and the disinfectant in the spa water can destroy important bacteria in the system.
  7. Keep all runoff away from Your system
    Water from roofs, driveways and patios could overwhelm the drain field, causing irreversible damage.
  8. NEVER enter any septic tank
    Poisonous gases or lack of oxygen can be fatal. Any work to the tank should be done from the outside.
  9. Use of septic tank additives is not recommended on a regular basis
    Additives may provide a short-term benefit but create long-term problems. If used continually these products do not reduce the need for routine pumping.
Submitted by SDRA President Debbie Neil

Fire Smart Information

Tips for fire proofing your property and home against wildfires:

Snow pack levels are at all time low.  Dry hot sunny weather is on its way.  The following info videos will aid in preparing your home in case of a wild fire event.

How To Fire Smart Your Home

Fire Break Demonstration

WASP Kits – Wildfire Automated Sprinkler Protection systems now AVAILABLE through CVRD Public Safety Division.

Cost:    $167.99 including taxes ($149.99 + 7.50 + 10.50)

Please complete the order form, print and bring to CVRD Reception with your Debit/Credit/Cash payment.

Limited supply available so call ahead (250-746-2560) to ensure availability.

Follow Community Burning Restrictions


Consider your contribution to air quality issues before lighting up!

BC Air Quality

Know the Rules

Coastal Wildfire News Bulletin contains valuable information about how interface wildfires spread!

This information was provided by the Cowichan Valley Regional District Public Safety office.   Please check out the  link below for more detailed info:

CVRD website link

Saltair Community Society News



Hello, members and volunteers!

It looks as though winter may now be behind us, and we can jump into spring! So exciting to see that yoga is now available regularly at the Centre, and that spaces are available to sign up! connect [at] alignwithjessica [dot] com

The Chemainus Arts group will be hosting a show from May 3rd through 5th, in the gym, and you are invited to come by and see some local talent, and enhance your art collection. A nice gift for Mother’s Day, perhaps? 7-9 p.m. on Friday, the 3rd, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th.

Tuesday’s Quilting group is also very busy, with many new projects on the go. Knitting, weaving, fibre artists of all sorts are always welcome.

Our resident Massage Therapist, JEM Massage, is available for appointments.        Call(250)245-0808.

As the May 6th Nanaimo-Ladysmith Federal By-election draws near, candidates are scheduling public meetings in the gym, and knocking on doors. It was inspiring to hear MP Elizabeth May rave about our community centre when she was here on April 5th. Saltair appreciates her efforts to mitigate the idling of ships off our fragile coast line, and her taking petitions to Ottawa on our behalf.

Our very first inaugural Seedy Sunday was held at the back of the gym, outside on Sunday April 7th, with a great turn out from families and aspiring green thumbs. Thanks to the Sandpiper in Chemainus for the Gift Basket donated for our raffle to support the new community gardens at the southeast corner of the building. A marvelous educational opportunity for everyone, but especially the children in the daycare, one of our anchor tenants. You will see fences being moved to create more parking at the west side, and a new play area for the daycare developed on the east side very soon. The community gardens are being spear headed by Judith (250)616-7060, so give her a call if you want in on the action. Plans are under way for a first meeting of those interested on April 29th. If you have hoses or tools to donate, please let us know. We hope that excess produce will be given to the Food Banks, and flowers given to shut ins and local hospices, as available. Looking for wood to frame the gardens, and some fencing material, too!

May 1st will be a meeting of the Ratepayer’s Association at 7 pm in the gym. New members welcome.

Friday, May 10th, starting at 9 a.m., we will host The Village Project all day. This is an educational and interactive program to address reconciliation and the 94 Calls to Action. “Cultural Connections has a story to share about reconciliation: its highs and lows, the emotions it stirs up and unimaginable gifts. A team of Cowichan Elders will take you through the story of the first 145 years of Canada’s history and into the era of reconciliation. Participants will laugh, reconsider, reflect, answer some tough questions and perhaps inspire a few new ones.      $40 includes lunch, morning snacks, tea and coffee. Payable through EventBrite or at the door.”

April 26th at 11 a.m. will be the official opening of the Saltair/Chemainus Corridor of the Cowichan Valley Trail (Cook Street Entrance).

Coming soon = WiFi will be installed at the Centre.

Members, send in your info for the next News Flash, events, ideas, etc. We want to make our Community Centre a hub for great things. Contact Lia by phone: 778-927-4991 or email: versaevel [dot] liamarie [at] gmail [dot] com

Submitted by SCS Director Lia Versaevel

Chemainus Art Group Big Five-O Art Show

Chemainus Art Group is Celebrating Its 50th!

Its time to celebrate!  On this 50th Anniversary, we salute our founding members – their vision, their talents and their endowments to our group.  They ensured succession of the joy from making and sharing art.

You’re invited!

The Chemainus Art Group is pleased to be celebrating its 50th anniversary! Please join us at The Big FIVE-OH! Art Show which will be held at the Saltair Community Centre, All islanders and art lovers are invited.

Come and enjoy our Big Five -Oh Art Show!

Saltair Community Centre Auditorium

3850 South Oyster School Road

May 3rd, Friday, 7 :00 to 9:00 pm

May 4th,  Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

May 5th,  Sunday,  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Women’s Iyengar Evening Yoga Classes

Monday Strong
Iyengar Yoga Classes for Women

Where: Saltair Community Centre Gym

When: Mondays May 6th – June 24th. 7 sessions. (there will be no class on Victoria Day May 20th)

Time: 5:45-6:45 pm

Price: $105 for 7 sessions. 

Iyengar yoga offers specific practices that are hormonally stabilizing and intelligently embrace the myriad hormonal changes that women move through month-to-month, year-to-year.  The emphasis in Iyengar Yoga is cultivating awareness through alignment and feeling the changes that arise when we come into ourselves and undo negative habitual patterns- physically and mentally. The sequencing for women offers nourishing work that cultivates deep integration with the bodies natural processes.

My hope is that these classes will be a sanctuary and build a community that will help women develop true confidence through body and mind awareness. Women need to come together and share these practices now more than ever. Yoga offers exercise, awareness, stability outside of competitive environments that focus on results and performance.  We all deserve this kind of protected space to grow from within and to honour the miraculous changes a women moves through in her lifetime.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share these teachings and my passion for both the discipline and creativity required to unveil our true selves.

Register and for more details contact Jessica

Jessica Lowry
Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Jessica Lowry
‘The study of asana (yoga postures) is not about mastering the posture. It’s about using the posture to understand & transform yourself.’ BKS Iyengar