Community Centre Roofing Project Completed

Saltair  Society is pleased to announce the completion of the Saltair Centre roofing project.

Our Torch On roof consists of two layers of modified asphalt that are usually melted together by a torch – hence the name. This creates a roof that is resistant to ultraviolet light and a waterproof barrier, ideal for Vancouver Island’s wet and rainy climate.

View of Community Centre new torch on roofing system

Because it is tear and puncture resistant, a torch-on roof will need less repairs over its lifetime. The roofing material won’t melt in the sun or become brittle. It is fire resistant.

You can expect a long life from a properly applied torch-on roof. Because of its durability, typically a span of  20 years, if installed by a professional roofing company.  The Centre’s roof was installed by TopLine Roofing and has been inspected and approved by West Coast Roofing Inspection Services.


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